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H.B. Fuller Company is a major American adhesives manufacturing company supplying industrial adhesives worldwide. The company has long received praise in ethical investment circles for such things as careful handling of toxic waste and the nature reserve built around its headquarters. Despite this image, it faced a controversy over glue-sniffing in Latin America in the 1990s.

A former employee of H.B. Fuller wrote this on indeed: Corporate and plant management can not get on the same page. You have no life working for H.B. Fuller, and your just another number. And you can not trust the management team. Production employees have zero unity, and will step on you, over you, but never stand with you.


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Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Manager of production is a narcissist and is a complete utter joke. Do not apply or work here. This is a socialist toxic environment. They will lie to you.NoneEverything"

Accounting Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Cultura laboral en Costa Rica no efectiva. Incongruente con los valores de la empresa.SeguroAmbiente"

Production Operator III (Former Employee) says

"Corporate and plant management can not get on the same page. You have no life working for this company, and your just another number. And you can not trust the management team. Production employees have zero unity, and will step on you, over you, but never stand with you."

Contract Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"contract recruiter for the construction product division"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Buddies get the farthest, but don’t get too close, and don’t give your opinion. You never know which co-worker will cut you to get ahead, or how long you’ll dangle on the string of sadism that management uses to torture people just trying to support their families. Oh, get ready to work any shift, and more overtime than you care to work because you’ll have little choice about your schedule.Sometimes you get a free lunch...Every conceivable other reason"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot while employed at HB Fuller. The company that I worked for was bought out by Fuller. Many of my new co-workers were intimidating/aggressive/harsh and this behavior was unchecked/ignored by management. This was the worst culture I have ever worked in. My direct supervisor was poorly qualified for her position.Learned a lotAggressive co-workers / Poor Management"

Warehouse Worker/Picker (Former Employee) says

"The company is a working process. The Frankfort location was racist. there is only less then a hand full of black ppl, and less than a handful of white ppl, and majority Mexicans. The supervisor is fat and dont no anything."

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Left on your own to work untrained and then get warnings when you mess up.....managers are bullies and are intimidating and swear at you infront of other staff.......no help when you need it"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"Always short staffed. Extremely hot . No sense of teamwork. Holidays are not guaranteed. 12 shifts. Point system. Fast paced. Physical. No respect."

Mixing Operator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, terrible human resources department, terrible building, no structure, full of favoritism, no accountability, this is by far the worst shop I have ever worked."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good work/life balance. But few people are doing everyone's job. The work culture had turned for the worst. I don't see the company as a future innovator."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management is a joke. Supervisor likes to micromanage. very dirty environment. Company is very unorganized. I used to dred going to work everyday. Only thing good was available overtime."

Sales Pro (Former Employee) says

"Middle and upper management really don't care about their supposed sales pro's. Fellow salespeople are the real fabric and deserve better.Benefits are good. Used to be a fun company to work for.GSM's are from the same mold ...not a decent one that I know of."

Production (Former Employee) says

"Extremely hot sweat shop! A lot favoritisms going on around that place! The workers in my opinion looked miserable and feel they are not getting treated right! TRUE! The chemicals can be hazardous to your lungs! Short staffed! Training is poor and they expect you to know a machine in a month ! Raises are based off how they feel not your hard work! A certain shift has a couple racists people that needs to be handled by corporate! Seen so many people come and go in one mouth! High stress level and they need better leadership to set an example for the floor! Don’t believe me go see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ScheduleNo leadership"

Small Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Hostile work environment, horrible management (the third shift supervisors are good but the rest of the supervisors and managers are worthless). You make a suggestion to improve quality of parts and work environment and they couldn't care less about them, then they wonder why they can't keep good workers."

Temporary Operator (Former Employee) says

"Look to work somewhere else. Great hours if you want to do other things. If you are one for watching progress made this is not the place for you. More people get better jobs by sitting around than those that work hard.Dupont scheduleManagement and lack of attention to new hires."

Mixer Operator (Current Employee) says

"The amount of problems here are unbelievable for a billion dollar company. Horrible management none existent training programs. Pay roll constantly doesn’t put your proper amount of hours or the proper pay scale. They allow supervisors to use racial discrimination and other forms of harassment in every day situations.Constant otTo many to list"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"productive hard work good supervisor's with bad plant manger ; good pay and benefits ;good pay and benifitshot - stressful"

Customer Serivce Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"No one wanted to work and when someone tried to make a difference they still complained. Gossiping all the time, cutting corners, cussing on the floor and finger pointing. When people are unhappy what can you expect. Management is the main problem. They volunteered to tell you everyones personal business. High turnover rate because the decision makers are the problem. If you want a check, or you are a robot, then no problem. If you take pride in your company, responisbilties and have values then keep it moving. Some of the people who were very talented developed this smile and nod personality. Its sad.It was a check in the process of better opportunities.Need I say more?"

Plant Manager / Plant Controller (Former Employee) says

"Workplace is dependent on relationship to get things done in the organization. Very competitive industry. Hard to differentiate the products from the competition."

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"Toxic work environment, unprofessional and unqualified mangers. Upper leadership has no clue as to what is going on. Managers paint a pretty picture in leadership meetings to make themselves look good but in reality, the departments are utter chaos. No accountability with managers Good people being let go for no reason."

Former Employee - Manager says

"This company is badly lead at all levels, that I cannot recommend working there to anyone. Sr Leadership has just gone through yet another round of shuffling the deck chairs, adding even more highly paid Directors and VPs. No one at this level is EVER held accountable for the failings of their BUs. Manufacturing - This is where the accountability comes into play. However, there has been little to no investment in the operations. The batches are all compounded or reacted in second hand equipment installed on a shoestring. If you are applying for an operator role... Go find another job. These roles are hot (all the time) and manual loading 45-50 lb bags of raw materials into the mixers/ reactors. Each batch can have 3 pallets of raws. The Royal acquisition has stressed every conceivable department w/o the payback that was forecasted. The majority of these facilities are very unsafe and lacked even more investment than the legacy facilities. The service on this debt that was done to finance the acquisition is crushing and will be felt for years. Everyone in the organization seems to be looking to everyone else in the company to do work that can't be done because there isn't enough people to be the 'best place to work'. Now there is the project grow that is being led by TC the COO. This guy came from Royal and will no doubt result in the investments in the facilities being decreased. There is little upside. Bottom line - There is no reason to work for this company unless you get into the VP club where there is zero accountability."

Current Employee - Administrative says

"Culture, unorganized, unprofessional, too much drama in one office."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management with little understanding of the business. There have been 5 directors in 5 years. Too much busy work that results in less time selling."

Former Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"Encourage a hostile work environments as seen by no corrective action even after multiple reports made by multiple employees to HR with no changes implemented . Talk down to employee tactics. Micromanage sales team and do not consider work/life balance. Bonuses constantly changed for sales team without warning. Turnover is high. Those that have not left are waiting to retire or for offers to leave in most sales positions."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work-life balance. Very political organization. Produced great results and turned around the operation, but was let go by new manager to be replaced by his own internal team member. Equipment is so old you can't find parts."

Former Employee - Senior Business Analyst says

"There is no diversity, no room for growth or improvement and the management approach used by some is stale-dated and horrible for morale. I feel sorry for the people that have been working in customer service as their leaders play favorites and have the tendency to focus on gossip versus growing employees from a leadership and goal perspective. I was asked if I was abused at home because I feel asleep in a meeting. Why would that be the first conclusion you come to? I was having health issues and to be honest I was falling asleep because AW talked very slow and was not engaging at all. The pay is low, the technology is old, everyone has been there forever which may seem like a great thing, but is only because they are afraid of change and any change to their outdated approaches would probably result in hundreds of people being fired. No skip levels discussions which further cripples growth and enabling supervisors and managers to continue Bad BAU. No work home balance. This business is far from the cities and traffic is horrible. Unless you live east of the win cities you will have a 1-2 hour commute each day."


"The importance of the customer is completely overlooked by the fact that the Customer Service team is stretched too thin to be able to service the customers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management mindset is terrible when it comes to salespeople. They hire the worst of the worst to be Geographical Sales Managers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Culture at this division is not healthy, people are not valued!!!"

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